Weekly Gems

Welcome to our first edition of Weekly Gems! For these posts, we’ll be featuring a couple of blog posts from the week that stood out to us and cut through the clutter!

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From fitness this week, we’re going to shine a spotlight on Cassey Ho from Blogilates. We’ve mentioned Cassey in our post  Top 8 Lifestyle Bloggers You NEED To Follow , so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she would be featured in our Weekly Gems post! Cassey writes some great posts about fitness; whether they’re recipes, workout calendars, or answers to her follower’s questions, they always have relevant content that’s easily digestible for her readers. One of her most recent blog posts is called The Best Time to Stretch? Bedtime!  Cassey does a great job of making sure her “voice” and personality shine through in her writing. The post gives a short explanation as to why stretching at night Is the best time to stretch (which is very helpful – I had no idea before reading the post!) as well as pictures and a video to show her followers the stretches she does before bed. Be sure to check to out Blogilates for the best in fitness! 

Next on the Weekly Gem agenda, we have a post from the travel blog juggernaut Nomadic Matt!

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Nomadic Matt is considered to be one of the best travel blogs out there, so it makes sense that he should be featured on Weekly Gems! Every month, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse pens a guest column for his blog and this week she wrote 10 Awesome Destinations For Solo Female Travelers to be featured on Nomadic Matt. We at BlogAll Lifestyle are all heading out on our own travel adventures as per our exchange terms abroad, so this topic was particularly exciting for us to read about! This post was great due to the standard reasons any travel blog is great –  it has beautiful professional photography of diversified locations and written with an honest, distinct voice. But this post is unique as it includes a specific mention of “why it’s so great for female travelers” to further accentuate what each location has to offer, specifically for women travelling on their own! Nomadic Matt and Kristin Addis are exemplary at tailoring their blog posts for their readers’ interests, which is clear in their posts.  I’m personally going to make sure I read Nomadic Matt and Be My Travel Muse when I’m going on my own trips!

Last but certainly not least, we have a great feature this week from Sabrina at the Beauty Look Book.


Sabrina started The Beauty Look Book, in her final year of her master’s degree in finance and marketing. She has combined her business know-how with her passion for beauty, fashion, and photography – and voilà! The Beauty Look Book was born. Now, a challenge for most bloggers is posting frequently while maintaining the high quality of posts their readers deserve. The Beauty Look Book does a splendid job of churning out posts daily, and each one is a delight to read. A wonderful post from this week on the Beauty Look Book is called Holiday Beauty Gifts and Stocking Stuffers Under $50. On each picture, the readers have the option to “pin” it to their Pinterest page, which is helpful for Sabrina’s readers! It was a super useful read, and any beauty product enthusiast should take a look at the post – especially for those of you looking to buy gifts in advance this year! The Beauty Look Book is a great go – to for all medium to high-end luxury products and looks!

Those were our three weekly gems from this week, stay tuned for more great tips and tricks from BlogAll Lifestyle to get your blog out there!

BlogAll Out


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