Tips to Make Your Travel Blog a Success

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

That’s a loaded question. But it is a good introduction for the topic of today’s post – travel blogs!

There are a couple of reasons why people read travel blogs.

  1. They are thinking about going on a trip and need ideas.
  2. They know they are going on a trip and want information, itineraries, or insider tips.
  3. They are not going anywhere and want to live vicariously through someone else.

With these three reasons in mind, here are the top 5 things you need to know to make your travel blog a success.

Colour (and amazing pictures)

Travel blogs and blog posts should be colourful and include amazing eye-catching photos for the trip or related to the topic in question. The goal of a travel blog is to do more than just inform the readers about the activities done on each trip or some tips to smoother traveling, it is to inspire people to take the same trips. Colourful themes and photos are the best way to capture your reader’s attention and inspire them to think about where their next adventure will take them. Nomadic Matt uses amazing colours and images on his travel blog – check it out!

Destinations Tab

I have yet to find a successful travel blog that does not have an easily accessible “destination” tab. These tabs are often organized by continent and country which make it easy for a reader to find the information they are looking for. Blonde Abroad has the destinations portion of her website organized by country to help her readers quickly find information on specific countries. If travel is just one part of your lifestyle blog, consider adding tags for specific countries so readers can easily find the information they are looking for. People like things that are simple and easy to find, especially if they are trying to find something specific.


Tips and Itineraries

As university students, many of us are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel abroad, whether it be for a semester or a graduation trip. Travel blogs are a major “research” tool that students use when trying to learn more about travelling to different destinations. We look at travel blogs to find the best hidden secrets about a city – where to find the best local cuisine in Berlin, which hostels have good reviews in Prague, a two-day itinerary of London, or what to pack for a winter trip to Paris. Having these tips and itineraries in an accessible place on your blog will keep viewers coming back to your site whenever they need information and inspiration.  


Corresponding Social Media Handles

Starting a travel blog means figuring out a name, a name that is memorable and distinguishable from every other travel blogger who has already started to build a following. Once you have your unique name, make sure that all of your social media accounts use your blog title as the handle for that platform. Travel bloggers are often on the go, and social media is an amazing tool for quickly sharing insights or pictures from your travels, or to follow someone else’s adventure. Having matching social media handles will make it easy for your readers to follow you wherever your journey takes you. Nadine Sykora of Hey Nadine is the perfect example. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.42.53 PM.png

Be You

I know, it sounds super corny. But it’s true. People will stay and continue to read and follow your blog if you are unique. The best way to be unique is to be you. Take the trips that you want to take, not just the ones that are popular. Write in your own voice with your own style, don’t try to copy someone else’s style. People will stay because you’re different and they like you and your content. It’s as simple as that.


Happy travelling!

BlogAll Out


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