How to Make a Delicious Food Blog

So, you want to write a food blog, a food blog better than all other food blogs.

But what makes a food blog stand out from the rest?

A food blog is a delicious idea, but without the right content and execution, your web cuisine creation can be a little bland.

From analyzing some incredibly popular food blogs like Naturally Ella and Minimalist Baker, we were able to gather some criteria that make their blogs special. We’re going to break it down into a three-course lesson of important “must haves” in order to have a great food blog.



The first amuse-bouche lesson in what makes a great food blog is the look of your content. Of course, it goes without saying that any successful blog has to be visually appealing regardless of its content, but food blogs need to have aesthetically pleasing photos so the blog readers can visualize what they’re about to make. Sure, a recipe can look great on paper, but readers can’t taste or smell it online! So, to make people use recipes from your blog there’s a couple little tips and tricks that will make a world of difference.

  • If you’re cooking your food and taking the pictures yourself: If possible, using a high-resolution camera to take pictures of your cooking masterpieces can give your blog the extra edge it needs. Here’s a resource from the Minimalist Baker blog to learn about food photography and want a in-depth experience:
  • If you don’t have access to an expensive, high-quality camera, that’s okay! You can improve the quality of a photo by using editing tools such as: iPhoto, Instagram and VSCO. Adjusting the saturation, clarity, etc. can make a huge difference in making your masterpieces look like two Michelin stars instead of one!
  • Pinterest wouldn’t be popular without great images! If you have great recipe ideas, but the pictures don’t turn out well, you can turn to Pinterest to use similar, higher quality photos. (Keep in mind; you should give credit to the photographer if you use their photos)

If a dish looks amazing, readers will try their best to recreate it, and come back to your blog for seconds!

Main course

Screenshot 2016-11-03 15.58.20.pngA big factor of the popularity of a food blog is the theme. Now, food blogs are open ended and it’s very easy to make it your own! They can be based on the dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, whole foods, paleo etc.) or targeted at a specific demographic, (students, homemakers, or busybodies) among dozens of other niche segments. If you don’t know what kind of person to focus on, you can determine your blog theme based on the kind of food you like to create or talk about!


The cherries on top are the little extra things that make your blog unique. Naturally Ella, a whole foods, vegetarian blog focused on seasonal recipes has tabs including: “Cook a Recipe”, “Explore an Ingredient”, “Stock a Pantry”, and “Plan Your Meals” and these four tabs combined make the blog unique, and easy to navigate.

Screenshot 2016-11-03 17.19.52.pngNaturally Ella’s “Cook a Recipe” tab includes dozens of meals that suit the vegetarian, whole foods theme and can be easily navigated with sub categories such as: meals, total time, season, or “specify an ingredient or pantry item”. This tab is pretty standard in a food blog, but Naturally Ella’s is very specific and easy to navigate.

“Explore an Ingredient,” allows the blog reader to find recipes with specific food items! For example, if you have fennel in your kitchen and aren’t sure of what you should cook that night, you can scroll to fennel and it will give you great recipes that include fennel! This function is wonderfully helpful and adds a ton of value to the blog.

“Stock a Pantry” is a distinctive part of Naturally Ella’s blog. It includes information on produce and tips of how to use them! The descriptions are detailed, informative, and are fun to learn about.

“Plan Your Meals” tab is the last, but certainly not the least! It’s a great platform that assists Naturally Ella’s followers to organize their weekly meals all in one place!

These little extra things have allowed Naturally Ella to become one of the most popular blogs in its segment! It shows that using the right unique perks can substantially improve your blog and give value to the people who use it!

The Wrap Up

Screenshot 2016-11-02 23.41.03.pngHigh quality photos will make blog readers’ mouths water and keep them coming back to your blog for more.

Having a theme will make it easier to find the people you think will gain value from your blog, and you will be able to grow a following for your blog.

The right combination of unique features can differentiate you from other similar food blogs.

At the end of the day, your blog should be based on what you’re passionate about, so start with whatever interests you and see where it takes you! Creating a food blog is similar to cooking; you might not get it right the first time, but with practice you’ll get the hang of it!


BlogAll Out 


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