Biggest Trends in Blogging

Wondering about the top trends in blogging? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the highlights.

Blogging as a Business

Bloggers can no longer become successful without perceiving at their blogs as a business that they run. They can’t just post and expect to drive considerable traffic to their blogs. Now, analytics are used to analyze the best length for a blog post, how often a blogger should post, and even what times of the day will result in the highest read rates. Bloggers are also managing their work life balance and posting during normal business hours, as opposed to posting during off businesses hours, the routine of 9-5 is proving to be more effective. Finally, lifestyle blogs are transforming to be modelled similarly to traditional business websites. This allows readers to easily navigate the site for posts and information, in addition to the website layout giving the site a more business-like aesthetic.

Simplicity in Design

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 3.48.31 PM.png

Just as having a minimalist lifestyle has become increasingly popular over the last few years, minimalism has influenced blogging as well. Many popular lifestyle blogs have a white or grey theme that allows readers to focus on the content of the blog instead of a distracting, multi-coloured background. These simple white and grey backgrounds draw the reader’s attention to the eye-catching images that are used to enhance the content of the post and keep readers interested. The use of images will not only catch the eye of the readers, but also keep them engaged with our content. A great example of a minimalist format with engaging photos can be seen in the blog I COVET THEE, which uses a white background and large images that fit with the clean white theme.

Personal Branding

Bloggers have transitioned from being people who posted daily content, into people who have an impact on their followers’ habits. Their recommendations and endorsements influence the behaviour of the followers who read their posts. These bloggers have become influencers in their own right. As a result, blogs have become a focal point for creating a personal and professional brand. People prefer to listen to other people’s opinions over companies as a personal recommendation is a trusted source of information. When bloggers expand into endorsements, writing ebooks and creating their own products, the strength of their personal brand is a major factor in the success of their other endeavours.

Vlogging and Videos


Vlogs (video blogs) and other forms of video content are becoming increasingly popular with lifestyle bloggers. YouTube channels dedicated to vlogging gives followers a personal insight into their favourite bloggers’ lives. Snapchat stories are another popular channel that bloggers use, whether it is to give insights into their daily lives, show their outfit of the day, or take you along on an adventure, Snapchat stories help followers feel more connected with their favourite bloggers. Halifax based blogger, Kayla Short of Short Presents, uses her Snapchat stories to show new products that she receives and bring her followers along on her weekend getaways. Continuing to integrate video content through other communication and social media channels is a popular trend that will continue to connect bloggers with their audience.

Connecting with Followers on Multiple Channels

Connecting with followers and readers is essential for the success of a blog, and popular bloggers recognize and exploit this. There isn’t a social media channel that bloggers don’t use to connect with their readers, with the most popular channels being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Email, however, is still at the centre of the social media frenzy. Email might not be the most flashy communication channel, but it isn’t going anywhere and it is effective. This means that email newsletter and email lists are just as important, if not more important, than they have ever been. Refer to our post“8 Ways to Market Your Blog” for how to create an email list.

Corporate Blogs

cup-mug-desk-officeWhile this trend doesn’t pertain to lifestyle blogging, it does showcase the influence that a blog can have. Businesses, especially B2B businesses, have started to realize the value that blogs can provide for their current and prospective customers. It is a way to provide valuable content and insight. It is impossible to be considered a thought leader in an industry without showcasing your ideas in an accessible form. People inherently trust the information that blogs provide. It is viewed as information that is there to help you, not just some marketing scheme created by a company.

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