8 Ways to Market Your Blog

Blogging is becoming an increasingly competitive industry and in fact, a new blog pops up somewhere in the world every half second, which amounts to 172,800 new blogs being created every day. So, how do you ensure that your blog is found through the millions? 1. Have a Social Media Plan A social media plan … Continue reading 8 Ways to Market Your Blog


Weekly Gems

Welcome to our first edition of Weekly Gems! For these posts, we’ll be featuring a couple of blog posts from the week that stood out to us and cut through the clutter! From fitness this week, we’re going to shine a spotlight on Cassey Ho from Blogilates. We’ve mentioned Cassey in our post  Top 8 Lifestyle Bloggers … Continue reading Weekly Gems

Top 10 Hottest Profs at Queen’s University

Gotcha! #Clickbaited If you haven’t realized it yet, this isn’t a post about the Top Ten Hottest Professors at Queen’s University. It’s actually about the mistakes in blogging that can boost short–term results, but can hinder result in long-term success for new bloggers. Clickbait Clickbait is what got you to click on this article. It … Continue reading Top 10 Hottest Profs at Queen’s University